We are truly blessed at St. John XXIII Catholic School (SJ23) with the tremendous support of our parishioners, alumni, families, grandparents and friends—and your amazing faith in Catholic education. Your vision and commitment to our students, families, parishes and community has a profound effect on everyone.

The below individuals and organizations have supported SJ23 between July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2020. Many of these gifts have been made in memory of loved ones, in honor of family members, or have been designated for Tuition Assistance. Funds specifically designated for tuition assistance support 22% of SJ23 families and our mission of providing Catholic education to children in Port Washington and its surrounding communities. Our continued success is not possible without your support and commitment. To view past donations, please review the Annual Report(s).

If you would like to support the future of Catholic education in our community and join our Honor Roll of Donors, please consider making a gift securely online. If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to St. John XXIII Catholic School and mail to the following address: 1802 N. Wisconsin St. | Port Washington, WI 53074

Thank you for your generosity!

  • Betty Didier Trust
  • Lawrence N. and Mary Jane Stern Scholarship
  • Metz, Frank & Barbara

Miller, Deb
Paul & Jan Schueller Family Fund at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Potokar, Edward & Ellyn
Schowalter, Ronald & Elizabeth (Ronald & Elizabeth Schowalter Fund)

Beechwood Distributors
Bichler, Kevin and Barbara
Didier, Peter & Patricia
Henkle, Robert F. Jr.
Laux, James & Mary
Matera, Mark and Barbara
Olin, John & Terri
Paulus, Steve & Julieanne
Potokar, Edward and Ellyn
Swanson, Rich
Voeller, Adrian & Patricia
Wendt, Patrick R.

Adams, John
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Bell, Steve & Carol
Bennett, Steven & Sandra
Bichler, Kevin & Barbara
Brelsford, Kirsten & Elizabeth (in Memory of Stephen Joseph Scherman & in Honor of Becky, Sarah, Katie, & Jenny)
Brost, Scott & Joyce
Henkle, Joseph Q
Kortsch, Geraldine & Robert (in Honor of Kortsch Children)
Lackovic, Mark & Jill
Laux, James and Mary
Morgan, Maeve
Potokar, Edward and Ellyn
Rascals Port LLC
Schuknecht, Gerald
Spankowski, Tom and Julia
Swanson, Rich (in Memory of Bob and Lois Swanson)
Weinrich, John / Newport Shores Open Mic Night

Augustine, Kenneth & JoAnn
Bartelt, Ned G.
Becker, Mary P.
Bichler, George & Mary Jo
Bichler, Richard & Marge
Brost, Scott and Joyce
Buser, Randy & Linda
Camjord LLC
Chrusciel, Wayne
Dickmann, Gerald and Barbara
Grube, Dennis & Debra
Herb Kohl Philanthropies
Hillebrand, Tim & Linda
Hoeft, Brad & Sue
Kernan, Kathleen
Kraemer, Bill & Cyndi
Knights of Columbus
Kultgen, Ray and Geraldine
Linstroth, Michael & Rachel
Lorier, Michael & Rachel
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
O’Dea, William L.
P.J. Schmidt Investment Management, Inc.
Port State Bank
Roller, Donald
Schowalter, Mark and Catherine
Silva, Russell
Spankowski, Thomas & Julia
Zerkel, Donald

Allen, Katherine (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Anderson, Carol
Andersen, Nels and Megan (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Ansay & Associates, LLC. (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Ansay, Debra and Michael (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Arthur, Sid and Susan
Augustin, Dennis
Bannon, Barney and Elizabeth (in Memory of Mary Jane Klinger)
Beattie, Michael and Barbara (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Beattie, Michael and Barbara (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Becker, Bill & Sue (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Becker, Lori (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Becker, Mary (in Memory of Bea Funke and Charlie Ross)
Becker, Martin & Cynthia (in Memory of Dr. and Mrs. Celestino Perez)
Behan, Nancy J. (in Memory of Kenneth Behan)
Bert’s Custom Lawn Care
Bichler, Barbara
Bichler, George & Mary Jo
Bichler, George & Maro Jo (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Birnschein, Craig and Sue
Bley, Mary
Bolz, Beverly A.
Brady, Jim (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Brost, Scott and Joyce
Brewster, Eric & Erin
Burant, Robert & Mary (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Buser, Randy and Linda
Camilo, Jose and Maria
Celmo, Julie
Chesak, Scott and Linda
Chrusciel, Wayne & Ann
Cook, John and Kristen
DeMerit, John and Gladys (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Demler, Joseph & Theresa (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Dickmann, Gerald & Barbara
Didier, Dave & Melissa
Dohrwardt, David A.
Doig, Donna (in Memory of Charles Ross)
Drews, Paul A (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Eberhardy, John
Feinberg, Brenda
Fisher, Jan and Robert (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Fitzgerald-Tetzlaff, Cathy and Eric
Fleischmann, William and Ann (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Francis, James and Wendy
Galles, Kyla M. ((in Memory of Betty Galles)
Gaulke, Matt and Ashley
Gjertson, Robert & Carol (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Gorsett, Allan and Lynda
Gottlieb, Linda and Mark (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Graff, Myron and Victoria
Graunke, Jeffrey and Mary Fran (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Greisch, Lois
Guettel, Sharon
Hamacher, Joe & Kathy (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Hamm, Donald and Diane
Hansen, Steve & Judy (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Harrington, Dorothy (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Heinecke, Kevin & Sandie
Hester, Patrick & Joan
Hitztaler, Sherry
Hoard, Ken & Joy (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Hoeft, Brad and Sue (in Memory of Joe Demler)
Hoffmann, Wayne & Marge (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Hohensee, Michael (in Memory of Kurt Hohensee)
Hohn, Elsbeth (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Holmes, Christine and Christopher (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Holton, Carol L. (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Honish, Eric
Horwich, Kelly A. (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Janke, James and Barbara
Janowicz, Maria (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Jarr, Ronald and Mary
Jones, Richard & Pauline (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Karrels, Anne
Karrels, James and Mary
Karnitz, Chris & Mary
Kattner, Robert
Keller, GJ and GA
Kernan, Kathleen
Kichura, Rochelle (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Kinzy, Brian and Christine (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Klotz, Thomas
Knights of Columbus
Knop, Patricia A. (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Koch, Andrew and Laura
Koch, Robert and Suzanne (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Koch, Mary (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Kraemer, Bill & Cyndi
Kraemer, Luke
Lanser, Joyce
Lanser, Sandra A.
Anna C. Lanser Family (in Memory of Anna Lanser)
Large, Daniel and Lori (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Larson, Lawrence & Jean
Lodl, Lynn
Logan, Nick & Stacey
Lorge, Ruth (in Memory of Robert Dreier & Anna Lanser)
Lorier, Michael and Rachel (in Memory of Charles Ross)

Maechtle, Mark & Janet (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Manoni, Thomas and Deborah
Mayer, Diana M (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
McCarthy, Jack & Terri (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
McMullen, Amy and Ryan
McCourt, Judith Ann
Melin, Rob and Lynette (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Mesarich, Kelly
Metz, Frank & Barbara
Metz, Frank & Barbara (in Memory of Robert Dreier and Charlie Ross)
Mueller, Robert & Michelle (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Murphy, David (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Noll, Randy & Kristie (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Nordengren, Carol (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Nothem, Jeff and Lara (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Nowakowski, Lawrence & Katherine
ONeill, Jennifer & Hugh (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Ottery Transportation, Inc. (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Paulus, John and Elizabeth
Pawlowski, Gene (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Peiffer, Dave & Diane (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Pesta, Bill & Barabara (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Pfeiffer, Margaret and  John (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Philleo, Karen
Pitoscia, Frank & Marcia (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Plier, Ron and Jody (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Poull, Thomas and Joann
Poull, John & Mary Lou
Potokar, Edward & Ellyn
Potter, Thomas and Doreen (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Preston, Laurie J.
Pucilowski, Cythia (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Rabe, Tammy L.
Redig, Nathaniel
Rehor, Kristen R. (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Reisimer, James & Carol
Rinke, Denise & Dean
Robb, Sandra (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Roob, Barbara A.
Ross, Daniel & Cheryl
Ross, Larry and Judith (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Ross, Richard & Ann (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Rusetos, Jacqueline (in Memory of Norbert and Jean Waynert)
Salchert, John & Janice (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Sauer, Dolores L. (in Memory of Edward J. Sauer)
Savatski, Robert and Sally
Schaefer, Fred (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Schanen, Herman & Marcia (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Schanen, William IV and Greta (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Schmidt, Karl and Polly
Schmit, Kay and Randy
Schmit, Ralph & Gloria (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Schmit, Ralph & Gloria
Schowalter, Mark and Catherine
Schueller, Jan and Paul
Schueller, Rod and Joanne (in Memory of Bea Funke and Charlie Ross)
Schuknecht, Gerald
Sharbuno, Wayne and Janet (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Shaver, Dean & Jean (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Shephard, Caroline & Stefanie (in Memory of Elizabeth Galles)
Slegelis, Peter & Jennifer
Smith, Grant and Carla
Snodgrass, Verlan (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Spankowski Family
Speth, Richard & Joanne (in Memory of Andrew John Speth)
Sternad, Pam (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Stewart, William and Nicole
Styles, Arnold and Karen
St. Henry’s Court No. 902
Surges, Thomas & Mindy (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Taylor, Paul & Mary
Thomas, Thomas & Judith (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Tillmann, Robert and Cynthia
Tomcheck, Heather
Torke, John (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Traugott, Thomas & Barbara
Tutas, Mary
Van Lieshout, David (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Van Tassel, Garrett and Laura (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Verheyen, Lawrence & Diana
Wagner, Elmer & Mary Lou (in Honor of Mike, Tom, Rich & Dave Wagner)
Wagner, Mary Louise (in Honor of Mike, Tom, Rich & Dave Wagner)
Wagner, Ray (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Warmenhoven, Peter & Patricia
Webb, Richard and Edith (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Weiland, Michael and Connie
Weiss, Mary Jane (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Wetter, Mary & Scott (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Wichmann, Bryan and Ruth
Wienhold, Steven
Wildhagen, John and Jean (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Wilfer, Jacqueline (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
William & Mary
Willliams, Jeff & Jenny
Wood, Heidi (in Memory of Uncle R. Charles Ross)
Zens, Thomas
Zingsheim, Joe (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Zirbes, Marie and Gary (in Honor of Zirbes Kids and Grandkids)

Mark A Vey Agency-American Family Insurance
Abby Linstroth
Above & Beyond Children’s Museum
Advance Auto Parts
Align Chiropractic
Allen Edmonds
Amy Bley
Amy’s Candy Kitchen
Anchor Men’s Wear
Andrew Jarr, AMJ Land Design LLC
Ann and Charlie Ross
Anne & Scott Huebner
Ansay International
Appy Orse Acres LLC
Armbruster Jewelers
Atlas BBQ
Atlioto’s Restaurant
Baehmann’s Golf Center
Bahr Creek Llamas & Fiber Studio
Baltica Bistro & Tea Room
Barb Bode
Barbara Dickmann
Beanies Mexican Restaurant
Karen Becker
Bentley’s Pet Stuff
Betty Brinn Children’s Museum
Between The Greens
Big Apple Bagels – Grafon
Bill & Helen Gansler
Bill Driscoll
Black Bear Lodge
Ladies Board Night-Sonshine & Roses
Bob & Cindy Peiffer
Bonsai Pet
Boy Scout Troop 875
Bradford Portraits Corp
Brass Bell Music Store Milwaukee
Breadsmith Bakery
Broadway Popcorn
Burghardt Sporting Goods
C & M Auto Service
Caan Floral Company
Cafe 1505
O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, Dejong & Laing S.C.
Total Care Group
Catherine & Tom Pujunauski
Cathy Fitzgerald
Cave Of The Mounds
Cedar Creek Pottery
Cedar Creek Winery
Cedar Crest Ice Cream
Cedar Valley Cheese Store
Cedarburg Center For Dentistry
Cedarburg Cultural Center
Cedarbury Toy Company
Centre Court Hair Design Studio Inc.
Carl & Pat Charles
China King
Align Chiropractic
Chocolate Factory
City Of Port Washington Police Department
Sharon-Cutwell Co., Inc
Cost Cutters
Costco Wholesale
Cousins Subs
Crave Bar And Food
Culver’s Of Port Washington
Daily Baking Company
Daniel Witkowski, DDS
Dave Didier (Cub Scout Pack #3855)
De Rosa Restaurants
Diane Goeschey
Discovery World
Dockside Deli
Dr. Tom’s Home Veterinary Care
Drews True Value
Josh E. Leute, D.D.S., S.C.
Ella & Julia Schmit
Elliott’s Partyland
Ernie Von Schledorn
Escape MKE
Evolving Wood Floors
Ewig Brothers
Exacto Spring Corporation
Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
Extreme Ski & Bike
EYE-Q Optical
Feith Family Ozaukee YMCA
Bernie’s Fine Meats
Firehouse Subs
First Watch Cafe
Shirli Flack
Flipside Cafe & Grill
Forefront Dermatology
Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly
Patience Frankl
Friend Of St John XXIII
Eernisse Funeral Homes
Galioto’s Twelve 21
Gene Meyer
George Webb’s
Glaze Pottery
Michael Goebel & Associates, LLC
Goebel Woodwork, Inc.
Linda Gottlieb
Grand Avenue Saloon
Grapes And Tastes
Great Lakes Marine Service
Senator Glenn Grothman
Hands With Healing Touch LLC
Harbor Hills Bowling
Harvey’s Central Grille
J&H Heating Inc.
Helen & Bill Gansler
Robert F. Henkle Family
Highland House
Hobo’s Korner Kitchen
Antoine, Hoeft & Eberhardt, S.C.
Holiday Inn Harborview
House Copper & Cookware
Impact Performing Arts Center
Impressions Day Spa
Hometown Dental Clinic Inc
InterContinental Milwaukee
Inventors Brewpub
IPIC Entertainment
J. J.’s Lawn Service, LLC
Jake and Brady Schmit
Jan and Paul Schueller
Beattie Janeshek Realty Group
Jean & David Opitz
Jeff & Jenny Williams
Jeff Schmit
Jiffy Overhead Door
Jill Gehr Designs, LLC
Jimmy John’s
Joann Berres – L’Bri Skin Care Consultant
John’s Pizzeria
Johnson School Bus
Johnson’s Gardens
Juice’s Ghost Town
Julia Spankowski (Daisy Troop #8094)
Jumping Country
Just Kidding Kids Cuts
Kapco Metal Stamping
Katie Straub (Wildtree)
Kids In Motion
Jaime & Jim Kitzinger
KMC Stampings
Kwik Trip Inc.
La Chimenea
Lake Shore Dance
Lakefront Brewery
Lakeshore Chinooks
Lakeside Pepsi-Cola
Lakewinds Elk Farm
Lands End Inlet
Chuck Lanser
Leslie Lanser
Mary and Jim Laux
LIbby Montana Bar & Grill
Lighthouse Florist – Wine Gallery
Father Tom Lijewski
Linda Gottlieb
Lisa and Geoff Schramm

Little Shoots Photo House
Donahue & Associates, LLC LLC
Magic Car Wash
Maria Camilo
Marie & Gary Zirbes
Marquette University Athletics Department
St Mary’s Lower Campus Teachers-Art Night
Maven Workshop (Melissa Didier)
McDonalds – Grafton West
Lynette & Rob Melin
Messina Restaurant & Lounge
Michael Goebel & Associates, LLC
Mike Beattie
Deacon Mike Burch
Milwaukee Admirals
Milwaukee Ale House
Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Peddle Tavern
Milwaukee Public Museum
Milwaukee Repertory Theater
Milwaukee Wave
Milwaukee World Festival, Inc.
Miss Mary’s Morning Elixir
Mrs. Krier & Ms. Schmidt Krier and Schmidt
Nate Wille
Megan Neitzke
Nels & Megan Anderson
Janet & Merle Nett
Ron & Rosemary Nett
Neuens Lumber Co.
Newport Shores
Newport Shores Night
Nines American Bistro
Nisleit’s Country Inn
NoNo’s Restaurant
Noodles & Company
North Shore Academy Of Gymnastics
Oriental Trading Company
Outpost Natural Foods
Ozaukee Press
Ozaukee Skateland
Ozaukee Sports Center
P & R Carpet & Furniture Cleaning
Palermo’s Pizza
Panera Bread
Julie and Craig Pannemann
Pat & Pete Didier
James Pauly
Peggy & John Pfeiffer
Petersen Resources, LLC
Keri Petski
Pizza Hut
PJ Piper Pancake House
Plano Company
Port Washington HIgh School
Port Washington Historical Society
Port Washington Parks And Rec Department
Pourvino Winebar & Bistro
Gilman Precision/Mike And Connie Weiland Family
Gesture Processing
Professional Heating & Cooling
Prom’s Auto Body Repair Prom
Heritage Publishing Co., Inc
Pump It Up Brookfield
PWHS – Athletic Department
Rachel Linstroth
Ray Of Light Skincare, Massage & Wellness
Shorewest Realtors Cedarburg/Grafton – Barbara J. Streiff
Recognition Specialists, Inc.
Riversedge Restaurant
Advanced Restoration Inc.
River Club Of Mequon
Riveredge Nature Center
Riverview Inn The Next Generation
Rivoli Theatre, LLc
Road America
Robert’s Frozen Custard
Robin & Cindy Nierode
Rockin’ Jump – The Ultimate Trampoline Park
Rodan + Fields (c/o Nikki Kiss)
Rosati’s Pizzeria
Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc.
Brian and Kristine Sandberg
Sarah Zeien
Sargento Foods
SAZ’S Hospitality Group
Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
Jim Schlough
Schmit Bros. Dodge Inc.
Jan & Paul Schueller
Rod and Joanne Schueller
Shannon Shaurette
Shedd Aquarium
Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Mary Skytland
Sobelman’s Tallgrass Grill
Sonshine & Roses
Sprecher Brewing Company
St John 23rd 2018 6th Grade Class
St John 23rd 2018 8th Grade Class
St John 23rd 5th Grade Class 2018
St. John XXIII Catholic School
St. John XXIII Parish
KMC Stamping
Starbucks – Grafton
Commerce State Bank
Steve’s Hair Port
Stilt House
StoneFire Pizza Co
Streicher Family
Sue Hoeft
Taliesin Preservation Inc.
Target – Grafton
Paul and Mary Taylor
Ted Neitzke
Tello’s Grille & Cafe
Terri & John Olin
Texas Roadhouse – West Bend
Texas Roadhouse-Sheboygan
The Bartolotta Restaurants Care-a-lotta’s
The Cheesecake Factory
The Chocolate Chisel
The Farmstead
The Little Animal Hospital
The Olive Sprig
The Pagoda Fine Jewelry
The Pasta Shoppe
The Pfister
The Railroad Station
The Spice House
The Urban Ecolegy Center
The Wicked Grille
Deacon Thomas Surges
Tim & Lisa Bolduc
Tina Arthur
Tires Unlimited Automotive Services
Tom Spankowski
Tony Graykowski
Trader Joe’s
Tres Jolie Solace Salon & Spa
Twice Baked Pottery
Twisted Willow
U-Haul Moving & Storage Of Port Washington
Remax United
Usingers Sausage Co.
UWM Milwaukee Athletics
Vernon J. Biever Photography
Paul and Kim Voeller
Robert W. Baird & Co./Jeff And Angel Schmit
Walmart Corporation
Walt Disney World
Ward’s House Of Prime
Port Washington State Bank
Port Washington-Saukville Rotary Club
Angela and John Weinrich
Father Patrick Wendt
West Bend Lakes Golf Course
Wisconsin Conservatory Of Music
Wisconsin State Fair
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
Worzella Photography
Jane Yoho State Farm Insurance Agent
Yummy Bones
Father Don Zerkel
Kelly & Brian Zirbes
ZuZu Pedals

Above & Beyond Children’s Museum
Advance Auto Parts
Advanced Restoration
Adventure Rock
Albiero Chiropractic
Align Chiropractic
Alioto’s Restaurant
Allen Edmonds
Amy Bley
Amy’s Candy Kitchen
Andy Jarr
Angela and John Weinrich
Ansay and Associates
Ansay International
Antoine, Hoeft, Eberhardt, S.C.
Anthony Graykowski
Armbruster Jewelers
Ashley Prom
Bahr Creek Fiber Studio
Baltica Tea Room & Bistro
Barb Zarob
Barbara Bode Schmutzler
Barbara Dickmann
Barney & Liz Bannon
Beanies Mexican Restaurant
Beattie Janeshek Realty Group – BHHS Metro Realty
Beechwood Sales & Service
Bentley’s Pet Stuff – Grafton
Betty Brinn Children’s Museum
Betty Schmidt
Between the Greens
Bill Driscoll
Bill Schanen IV and Greta Schanen
Boelter Corporation
Bohemia Home Design
Broadway Popcorn
Bruce and Mary Becker
C & M Auto Services, LLC
Caan Floral
Cafe 1505
Casey’s General Stores
Cave of the Mounds
Cedar Creek Winery
Cedar Valley Cheese Store
Cedarburg Cultural Center
Cedarburg Toy Company
Centre Court Hair Design Studio, Inc.
Chancery Pub
Charlie and Ann Ross
Charter Manufacturing, INC.
Cheesecake Factory
Chili’s Grill and Bar
Chocolate Factory
Cindy Gibson
Circle B Recreation
City of Port Washington Police Department
Commerce State Bank
Cousin Subs
CPR Mequon – Serano Family
Cream & Crepe Café
Creatively Yours
Dania & Bob Serano
Daniel Witkowski D.D.S
Dave & Melissa Didier
De Rosa Restaurants
Dockside Deli
Domino’s Pizza
Downtown Pizza
Dr. Tom’s Home Veterinary Care
EAA Experimental Aircraft Association
Eliot’s Partyland
Elkhart Lake’s Road America
Eric Von Schledorn
Erin & Matt Burkhart
Eernisse Funeral Homes & Cremation Service
Evolving Wood Floors
Exacto Spring Corp
Extreme Ski & Bike
Feith Family YMCA
Ferrante’s Restaurant
First Watch – The Daytime Cafe
Fleet Farm
Forefront Dermatology
Form + Fitness
Fox Bay Cinema Grill
Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly
Fr. Patrick Wendt
Gary and Marie Zirbes
Gilman USA LLC
Glenn Grothman
Good Hope Manor Milwaukee
Grace Linstroth
Gracefully Wrapped
Grand Avenue Saloon
Great Wolf Lodge
Gus and Kay Gnorski
Hands with a Healing Touch
Harbor City Plumbing
Harbor Hills Recreation Center
Harley-Davidson Museum
Harvey’s Central Grille
Robert F. Henkle Family
Hometown Dental
House Copper & Cookware
Inventors Brewpub
J&H Heating
J.J.’s Lawn Service LLC
James Mayer Photography
Java Dock
Jean and David Opitz
Jeff’s Spirits on Main
Jennifer Harris, Ray of Light Skincare, Massage + Wellness
Jill Gehr Designs
Joe Dean
Johnson Brother’s of Wisconsin
Juice’s Ghost Town
Julie Celmo
Kapco Metal Stamping
Karen Krainz
Karen Lane
KMC Stampings
Koch Family
Kristi Klein
Kristin & Andrew Altoff and Gene Web
L.S. Exteriors
Lake Shore Dance
Lake Street Café
Lakeside Pepsi
Lakewinds Elk FArm
Lam’s Restaurant
Lands’ End
Jim & Mary Laux
Lepanto Banquet Hall
Leroy Bley
Libby Montana
LInda Gottlieb
Lincoln Village Senior Living
Lobo’s Place
Magic Car Wash
Mark and Jill Lackovic
Marquette University
Martini Pete’s
Maven Workshop – Melissa Didier
McDonald’s Port Washington
Mequon Pizza Company
Messina Restaurant & Lounge
Metro Market
Mike and Bo Schmit
Mike & Rachel Linstroth
Milwaukee Admirals
Milwaukee Brat House
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
Milwaukee Public Museum
Milwaukee Repertory Theater
Milwaukee Wave
Milwaukee World Festival Inc/Summerfest
Missing Links
Mr. Mover Inc.
Mt. Olympus

Nels and Megan Anderson
Neuens Fredonia Lumber Co., Inc
New Port Shores, Inc.
Nickolas Butler
Noah’s Ark
North Shore Academy of Gymnastics
Norwex – Nicole Wagner
Off The Rail Café
O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing S.C.
Oostburg Bakery
Oriental Trading Co.
Outpost Natural Foods
Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department
Ozaukee Press
P & R Cleaning LLC
Pabst/Riverside Theater
Pagoda Fine Jewelry
Palermo Villa Inc.
Partnership Bank
Paul & Jan Schueller Family
Pear and Simple
Port Washington Fire Department
Port Washington Parks and Recreation
Port Washington Saukville Rotary Club
Port Washington State Bank
Professional Services
Pujanauski Family
Pump It Up Brookfield
PWHS Athletics – Coach John Bunyan
PWHS Athletics – Golf Caoch Kosidowski
PWHS Athletics – Varsity Basketball Coach Hebein
PWHS Athletics Department
PWHS Athletics Dept – Soccer Coach O’Brien
Quit Qui Oc Golf Club
Randy and Linda Buser
Range LIne Inn – Mequon
Rascals and Buzz Knaub
Red Oak Winery
Reinhart Foods
Re/Max United
Riveredge Nature Center
Riverview Inn
Rivoli Theature
Rob & Beth Streicher
Robert W. Baird & Co./Jeff and Angel Schmit
Rockin’ Jump – The Ultimate Trampoline Park
Roncalli High School
Roundy’s Supermarkets Inc.
Sargento Foods
Saz’s Hospitality Group
Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
Schmit Brothers
Sharbuno Jewelers
Sharon Cutwell Co., INC.
Shedd Aquarium
Shipwrecked Brew Pub
Shopko Express
Sid’s Sealants
Silver Spring House
Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Smith Brothers Coffee House
Sobelman’s Pub-N-Grill
Spankowski Family
Sprecher Brewery
St John XXIII – Callie Bannon
St John XXIII – Coaches
St John XXIII – Home & School
St. John XXIII – Ms. Schauer
St.John XXIII Athletics
Starbucks – Grafton
Steve and Sandy Bennett of Bernie’s Fine Meats
Steve’s Hair Port
Stilt House
Stonefire Pizza
Sue Hoeft
Susanne Winter
Sweet Trio
Taliesin Preservation Inc.
Ted and Megan Neitzke
Tellos Grill & Cafe
Terri and John Olin
Terry Johnson
Tetzlaff Family
Texas Roadhouse West Bend
Texas Roadhouse Sheboygan
The Farmstead Bar & Grill
The Hutch
The Little Animal Hospital
The Olive Sprig
The Ostoff Resort
The Timm’s – Miss Mary Bloody Mary Mix
Tina Arthur – lularoe
Tires Unlimited
Today’s Dentistry
Tom Didier
Trader Joe’s
Tres Jolie Solace Salon and Spa
Twisted Willow
Uncle Dan’s Glendale
US Bank Private Wealth Management
UWM Athletics
Valley Skin Studio
Vernon J. Biever Photography
Ward’s House of Prime
Clyde & Rosemary Weiland
Wild Rose Photography
Williams Family
Wisconsin Hospitality Group
World of Beer
Yummy Bones
Zaffiro’s North Shore