We are truly blessed at St. John XXIII Catholic School (SJ23) with the tremendous support of our parishioners, alumni, families, grandparents and friends—and your amazing faith in Catholic education. Your vision and commitment to our students, families, parishes and community has a profound effect on everyone.

The below individuals and organizations have supported SJ23 between July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2020. Many of these gifts have been made in memory of loved ones, in honor of family members, or have been designated for Tuition Assistance. Funds specifically designated for tuition assistance support 22% of SJ23 families and our mission of providing Catholic education to children in Port Washington and its surrounding communities. Our continued success is not possible without your support and commitment. To view past donations, please review the Annual Report(s).

If you would like to support the future of Catholic education in our community and join our Honor Roll of Donors, please consider making a gift securely online. If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to St. John XXIII Catholic School and mail to the following address: 1802 N. Wisconsin St. | Port Washington, WI 53074

Thank you for your generosity!

  • Anonymous
  • Betty Didier Trust
  • Lawrence N. and Mary Jane Stern Scholarship
  • Lorge, Ruth
  • Metz, Frank & Barbara
  • Port Washington State Bank

Miller, Deb
Knights of Columbus
Paul & Jan Schueller Family Fund at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Arendt, Allan and Agnes (in Memory of David Arendt)
Henkle, Bob
Potokar, Edward & Ellyn
Schowalter, Ronald & Elizabeth (Ronald & Elizabeth Schowalter Fund)
Schmit, Jeff and Angel

Beechwood Distributors
Bichler, Kevin and Barbara
Brelsford, Duffy & Bette Anne (in Memory of Steven Joseph Scherman and in Honor of the Brelsford Girls – Becky, Sarah, Katie, and Jenny)
Didier, Peter & Patricia
Ewig, Andrew & Alesha
Henkle, Robert F. Jr.
Hubing, Jim
JMA Transport Inc.
Laux, James & Mary
Matera, Mark and Barbara
Olin, John & Terri
Paulus, Steve & Julieanne
Port Washington/Saukville Rotary Club
Potokar, Edward and Ellyn
Roller, Donald
Schmit, Jeff and Angel
Swanson, Rich
Voeller, Adrian & Patricia
Wendt, Patrick R.

Adams, John
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Bartelt, Ned
Bell, Steve & Carol (in Honor of Jake, Max & Will)
Bennett, Steven & Sandra
Bichler, Kevin & Barbara
Brelsford, Kirsten & Elizabeth (in Memory of Stephen Joseph Scherman & in Honor of Becky, Sarah, Katie, & Jenny)
Brost, Scott & Joyce
Henkle, Joseph Q
Kortsch, Geraldine & Robert (in Honor of Kortsch Children)
Lackovic, Mark & Jill
Laux, James and Mary
Matera, Mark & Barbara
Morgan, Maeve
Potokar, Edward and Ellyn
Rascals Port LLC
Ratatori, Michael and Mary
Schowalter, Ronald & Bette (in Memory of Frank Metz)
Schuknecht, Gerald
Spankowski, Tom and Julia
Swanson, Rich (in Memory of Bob and Lois Swanson)
Weinrich, John / Newport Shores Open Mic Night

Augustine, Kenneth & JoAnn
Bartelt, Ned G.
Beck, Carol (in Memory of Fred and Mary Beck)
Becker, Mary P. (in Honor of The Bruce & Mary Becker Family)
Bichler, George & Mary Jo
Bichler, Richard & Marge
Brost, Scott and Joyce
Buser, Randy & Linda
Camjord LLC
Chrusciel, Wayne
Dickmann, Gerald and Barbara
Dickmann, Gerald and Barbara (in Memory of Laura Keller Didier)
Grube, Dennis & Debra
Herb Kohl Philanthropies
Hillebrand, Tim & Linda
Hoeft, Brad & Sue
Kender, Donald & Carol (in Memory of Ann Kender)
Kernan, Kathleen
Kleckner, David (in Memory of Suzanne Kleckner)
Kraemer, Bill & Cyndi
Knights of Columbus
Kultgen, Ray and Geraldine
Linstroth, Michael & Rachel
Lorier, Michael & Rachel
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Nowak, Ryan & Karen
O’Dea, William L.
Opitz, Jean Skelton
Pierron, Barbara
P.J. Schmidt Investment Management, Inc.
Port State Bank
Robert W. Baird and Co.
Roller, Donald
Schowalter, Mark and Catherine
Silva, Russell
Spankowski, Thomas & Julia
Wiltgen, Aileen
Zerkel, Donald
Zirbes, Gary & Marie (in Honor of the Staff, Faculty, Families & Students of SJ23)

Allen, Katherine (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Anderson, Carol
Andersen, Nels and Megan (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Ansay & Associates, LLC. (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Ansay, Debra and Michael (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Arthur, Sid and Susan
Augustin, Dennis
Bannon, Barney and Elizabeth (in Memory of Mary Jane Klinger)
Beattie, Michael and Barbara (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Beattie, Michael and Barbara (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Becker, Bill & Sue (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Becker, Carol
Becker, Lori (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Becker, Mary (in Memory of Bea Funke and Charlie Ross)
Becker, Martin & Cynthia (in Memory of Dr. and Mrs. Celestino Perez)
Behan, Nancy J. (in Memory of Kenneth Behan)
Bert’s Custom Lawn Care
Bichler, Barbara
Bichler, George & Mary Jo
Bichler, George & Maro Jo (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Birnschein, Craig and Sue
Bley, Mary
Bolz, Beverly A.
Brady, Jim (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Brost, Scott and Joyce
Brewster, Eric & Erin
Burant, Robert & Mary (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Buser, Randy and Linda
Camilo, Jose and Maria
Celmo, Julie
Chesak, Scott and Linda
Chrusciel, Wayne & Ann
Conrad, Pam
Cook, John and Kristen
DeMerit, John and Gladys (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Demler, Joseph & Theresa (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Dickmann, Gerald & Barbara
Didier, Dave & Melissa
Dohrwardt, David A.
Doig, Donna (in Memory of Charles Ross)
Drews, Paul A (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Eberhardy, John
Feinberg, Brenda
Fisher, Jan and Robert (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Fitzgerald-Tetzlaff, Cathy and Eric
Fleischmann, William and Ann (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Francis, James and Wendy
Galles, Kyla M. ((in Memory of Betty Galles)
Gaulke, Matt and Ashley
Gjertson, Robert & Carol (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Gorsett, Allan and Lynda
Gottlieb, Linda and Mark (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Graff, Myron and Victoria
Graunke, Jeffrey and Mary Fran (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Greisch, Lois
Guettel, Sharon
Hamacher, Joe & Kathy (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Hamm, Donald and Diane
Hansen, Steve & Judy (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Harrington, Dorothy (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Heinecke, Kevin & Sandie
Hester, Patrick & Joan
Hitztaler, Sherry
Hoard, Ken & Joy (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Hoeft, Brad and Sue (in Memory of Joe Demler)
Hoffmann, Wayne & Marge (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Hohensee, Michael (in Memory of Kurt Hohensee)
Hohn, Elsbeth (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Holmes, Christine and Christopher (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Holton, Carol L. (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Honish, Eric
Horwich, Kelly A. (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Janke, James and Barbara
Janowicz, Maria (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Jarr, Ronald and Mary
Jones, Richard & Pauline (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Kamenick, Tom
Karrels, Anne
Karrels, James and Mary
Karnitz, Chris & Mary
Kattner, Robert
Kattner, Bob (in Memory of Mary Joy Kattner)
Keller, GJ and GA
Kernan, Kathleen
Kichura, Rochelle (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Kinzy, Brian and Christine (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Klotz, Thomas
Knights of Columbus
Knop, Patricia A. (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Kobylarz, Jennifer
Koch, Andrew and Laura
Koch, Robert and Suzanne (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Koch, Mary (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Kraemer, Bill & Cyndi
Kraemer, Luke
Krainz, Patricia
Lanser, Joyce
Lanser, Sandra A.
Anna C. Lanser Family (in Memory of Anna Lanser)
Large, Daniel and Lori (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Larson, Lawrence & Jean
Lodl, Lynn
Logan, Nick & Stacey
Lorge, Ruth (in Memory of Robert Dreier & Anna Lanser)
Lorier, Daniel and Judy (in Honor of our Grandchildren)
Lorier, Michael and Rachel (in Memory of Charles Ross)
Lotz, Craig and Angela

Maechtle, Mark & Janet (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Manoni, Thomas and Deborah
Mayer, Diana M (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
McCarthy, Jack & Terri (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
McMullen, Amy and Ryan
McCourt, Judith Ann
Melin, Rob and Lynette (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Mesarich, Kelly
Metz, Frank & Barbara
Metz, Frank & Barbara (in Memory of Robert Dreier and Charlie Ross)
Mueller, Robert & Michelle (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Murphy, David (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Noll, Randy & Kristie (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Nordengren, Carol (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Nothem, Jeff and Lara (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Nowakowski, Lawrence & Katherine
ONeill, Jennifer & Hugh (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Ottery Transportation, Inc. (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Pallo, Susan
Paulus, John and Elizabeth
Pawlowski, Gene (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Peiffer, Dave & Diane (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Pesta, Bill & Barabara (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Pfeiffer, Margaret and  John (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Philleo, Karen
Pitoscia, Frank & Marcia (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Plier, Ron and Jody (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Pody, Louis & Bonnie
Poull, Thomas and Joann
Poull, John & Mary Lou
Potokar, Edward & Ellyn
Potter, Thomas and Doreen (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Preston, Laurie J.
Pucilowski, Cythia (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Rabe, Tammy L.
Ratatori, Thao Do and Kristin
Redig, Nathaniel
Rehor, Kristen R. (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Reisimer, James & Carol
Rinke, Denise & Dean
Robb, Sandra (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Roob, Barbara A.
Ross, Daniel & Cheryl
Ross, Larry and Judith (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Ross, Richard & Ann (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Rusetos, Jacqueline (in Memory of Norbert and Jean Waynert)
Salchert, John & Janice (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Sauer, Dolores L. (in Memory of Edward J. Sauer)
Savatski, Robert and Sally
Schaefer, Fred (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Schanen, Herman & Marcia (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Schanen, William IV and Greta (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Schmidt, Karl and Polly
Schmit, Kay and Randy
Schmit, Ralph & Gloria (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Schmit, Ralph & Gloria
Schowalter, Mark and Catherine
Schueller, Jan and Paul
Schueller, Rod and Joanne (in Memory of Bea Funke and Charlie Ross)
Schuknecht, Gerald
Sharbuno, Wayne and Janet (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Shaver, Dean & Jean (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Shephard, Caroline & Stefanie (in Memory of Elizabeth Galles)
Slegelis, Peter & Jennifer
Smith, Grant and Carla
Snodgrass, Verlan (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Spankowski Family
Speth, Richard & Joanne (in Memory of Andrew John Speth)
Sternad, Pam (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Stewart, William and Nicole
Styles, Arnold and Karen
St. Henry’s Court No. 902
Surges, Thomas & Mindy (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Taylor, Paul & Mary
Thomas, Thomas & Judith (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Tillmann, Robert and Cynthia
Tomcheck, Heather
Torke, John (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Traugott, Thomas & Barbara
Tumey, Steve
Tutas, Mary
Van Lieshout, David (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Van Tassel, Garrett and Laura (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Verheyen, Lawrence & Diana
Volesky, Stephanie
Wagner, Elmer & Mary Lou (in Honor of Mike, Tom, Rich & Dave Wagner)
Wagner, Mary Louise (in Honor of Mike, Tom, Rich & Dave Wagner)
Wagner, Ray (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Warmenhoven, Peter & Patricia
Webb, Richard and Edith (in Memory of Bea Funke)
Weiland, Michael and Connie
Weiss, Mary Jane (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Wetter, Mary & Scott (in Memory of Betty Galles)
Wichmann, Bryan and Ruth
Wienhold, Steven
Wildhagen, John and Jean (in Memory of Charlie Ross)
Wilfer, Jacqueline (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
William & Mary
Willliams, Jeff & Jenny
Wood, Heidi (in Memory of Uncle R. Charles Ross)
Zens, Thomas
Zingsheim, Joe (in Memory of Robert Dreier)
Zirbes, Marie and Gary (in Honor of Zirbes Kids and Grandkids)