b'HIGH ACHIEVEMENTS FINANCIAL SUMMARYChart TitleRevenue & Expenses 2% 0%July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020 2% 8% 2% REVENUETuition/Fees/Child CareParish SubsidyRevenue 22% Mis. Donations & IncomeSchool Tuition/Fees/Choice/SNSP/Child Care $761,351.39 Key Event64%Parish Subsidy.$261,749.98 Annual FundParish Non-Cash Subsidy $375,274.22 Home & SchoolHome & School Fundraising .$25,655.92 AthleticsAthletics.$3,707.69 Chart TitleKey Event Auction .$87,053.15Annual Fund .$22,430.10 1%Misc. Donations $21,176.71 3% 6% 5% EXPENSESMisc. Income $19,667.83Stern Scholarship Income .$80,705.00 14% Salaries & BenefitsParish ExpensesInvestment Income -$21,194.15 TechnologyTotal Income $1,637,577.84 STERN & Tuition AssistanceSchool Supplies & ServicesExpenses 71% Building & GroundsSalaries & Benefits .$1,002,567.76School Allocated Parish Expenses.$196,509.08 Chart TitleSchool Supplies & Services .$66,735.36Technology .$41,683.36 1%Building & Grounds $13,144.96 11% 4% Home & SchoolStern Scholarship & Tuition Assistance.$86,384.00Marketing Expense .$6,979.19 44%Misc. .$19,162.08 Raffle CalendarFlower SaleArchdiocese Assessment $3,364.85 Soles for EducationTotal Expenses . $1,436,530.64 Box Tops for Education16 6 40% Amazon SmileTOTAL STUDENTS: School Advisory CommissionThe School Advisory Commission is the advisory body of St. John XXIII Catholic School. It takes a holistic approach to policies brought before it to make decisions in the best interest of the school.2019/2020 Voting Members Cindy Becker Non-Voting MembersNikki Kiss - PresidentDave Didier Fr. Pat Wendt Mike Linstroth - Vice President Kevin BichlerKristi KleinWayne Chrusciel - Past President Rachel Lorier Erin BrewsterJulia Spankowski Jennifer GaskellHome & SchoolThe Home & School Association enhances the educational experience for our students and the whole school community.This parent-run group coordinates the majority of our family and student enrichment programs, teacher appreciation events, parent events, school clubs, and fundraising.They strive to have a positive impact on St. John XXIII Catholic School and Parish along with the greatr Port Washington/Saukville community with a primary focus on families and our Catholic faith.2019/2020 Officers Jennifer Gaskell - Treasurer Thank YouMelissa Didier - PresidentLauren Koch - Vice President Rachel Lorier - Past President to our Volunteers!Nicole Stewart - Secretary'