b"F I N A N C I A L S U P P O R TScholarshipsWelcomeScholarship:Aone-time,15%discount(perchild) given to any first-time families attending SJ23, orfamilies returning to SJ23 after a major absence (two ormore years).SternScholarship:Fundsusedtohelpoffsettuitioncosts.Tobeeligible,theapplicantmustresideinthePortWashington-SaukvilleSchoolDistrictandbeenrolled full-time at SJ23.Tuition Discounts for MultipleStudents & WI Tax CreditWe offer a tiered tuition discount for multiple studentsattending from the same family.The Wisconsin Department of Revenue allows parentsto deduct tuition expense up to $4,000 per student ingrades K5-8.Flexible Payment Plans &Financial PlanningTherearemultiplewaystobreakupyourtuitionpayments throughout the year and we can help decidewhat is best for your family. It's never too early to startsavingforyourchild'seducation.Learnmoreaboutsaving plans by contacting us today!"