We are truly blessed at St. John XXIII Catholic School (SJ23) with the tremendous support of our parishioners, alumni, families, grandparents and friends—and your amazing faith in Catholic education. Your vision and commitment to our students, families, parishes and community has a profound effect on everyone.

The below individuals and organizations have supported SJ23 between July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024. Many of these gifts have been made in memory of loved ones, in honor of family members, or have been designated for Tuition Assistance. Funds specifically designated for tuition assistance support 22% of SJ23 families and our mission of providing Catholic Education to children in Port Washington and its surrounding communities. Our continued success is not possible without your support and commitment. To view past donations, please review the Annual Report(s).

If you would like to support the future of Catholic Education in our community and join our Honor Roll of Donors, please consider making a gift securely online. If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to St. John XXIII Catholic School and mail to the following address: 1802 N. Wisconsin St. | Port Washington, WI 53074

Thank you for your generosity!

*INDICATES MONTHLY GIVING DONORS. We sincerely thank you for your recurring donations!

Pastor’s Circle: $10,000+


Savior: $5,000 – $9,999

  • Cary, James
  • The Lundgren Family
  • Paul & Jan Schueller Family Fund at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation
  • Port Pre-School, Inc.

Principal’s Circle: $1,956 – $4,999

  • Potokar, Ellyn & Ed
  • Schowalter, Ronald & Elizabeth

Archangel: $1,000 – $1,955

  • Adams, John
  • Bell, Steve & Carol (in Honor of Jake, Max, & William Althoff)
  • Bichler, Kevin & Barb
  • The Brelsford Family
  • Matera, Mark & Barbara (in Honor of the Matera children)
  • Potokar, Ellyn
  • Sahale Ale Works (Grafton)
  • Scheibel, John
  • Swietlik Metz, Barbara (in Memory of Frank Metz)
  • Ratatori, Michael
  • Voeller, Patricia
  • Wendt, Patrick

Angel: $500 – $999

  • Bolz, Beverly (in Memory Jerry & Martha Bolz)
  • Dickmann, Gerald & Barbara (in Honor of Barbara Didier Dickmann & in Memory of Laura Keller Didier)
  • *Hubacek, Dan & Terra
  • Roller, Donald
  • Roller, Matthew & Amy
  • Schowalter, Mark & Cathy
  • Wagner, Raymond

Saint: $196 – $499

  • Becker, Mary (in Memory of Bruce Becker)
  • Burmesch, Dennis
  • Crandall, Raymond & Sharon
  • Dohrwardt, David (in Honor of David, Donald, Delores, Darlene, & Darrell)
  • Fork & Tap | Port Washington, WI
  • Hansen, Paul & Joan
  • Kultgen, Raymond James
  • Kraemer, Bill & Cyndi
  • The Linstroth Family
  • Pierron, Barbara
  • Prendergast, Charles & Marita
  • Schmit Family, relatives and friends (in Memory of Donald and Audrey Schmit)
  • Silva, Russell
  • Stephan, Donald & Barbara
  • Verheyen, Lawrence

Apostle: Commitments of Prayer, Time and Talent, and Financial Gifts of $195 and Below

  • Barber, Steven & Diana
  • Beattie, Barb & Michael (in Memory of Mildred Prom)
  • Becker, Martin & Cynthia (in Memory of Mary L. Taylor)
  • Bichler, Mary Jo & George
  • Biliskov, Marie (in Memory of George Biliskov)
  • *Conrad, Pam
  • Didier, Melissa & Dave
  • Durante, Janet
  • The Gallitz Family
  • The Gigot Family
  • Kattner, Robert
  • *Klotz, Tom
  • Krumsee, Richard & Pamela (in Memory of Mildred Prom)
  • Lorier, Dan & Judy (in Honor of our Grandkids)
  • *Olivier, Dan & Allyson
  • Pody, Bonnie
  • Redig, Nathaniel
  • Ross, Cheryl & Dan
  • Speth, Joanne (in Memory of Andrew John Speth)
  • Traugott, Barb & Tom (in Memory of Ed Schumacher)