Student Life Overview

Our mission at SJ23 is not only to foster the academic success of our students, but also to nurture lifelong Catholic values that build strong character and meaningful relationship with God. In partnership with our families and the Catholic Church, we strive to guide each child as he or she grows and matures in knowledge and faith. Students develop a deep appreciation of the liturgy through active weekly Mass participation and through daily religious instruction, reflection, and prayer. SJ23 students further their spiritual journey by preparing for and receiving the sacrament of first holy Communion and reconciliation. Outside the classroom, students focus on individual and communal spiritual growth through retreats and service.

SJ23 offers many co-curricular and student life enrichment programs in addition to its outstanding core curriculum.

Early Childhood Program | Elementary School | Middle School

Technology & Innovation

In the realm of education, the infusion of technology seamlessly enhances both traditional and hands-on teaching methodologies, fostering a more enriching educational journey for our students. The incorporation of a diverse range of contemporary digital tools not only complements conventional approaches but also nurtures the cultivation of digital citizens. Within a Catholic context, this integration holds a unique significance, emphasizing the responsibility of students to navigate the digital landscape in alignment with moral values. By embracing technology, we empower our students to develop into conscientious digital citizens, equipped with the skills to thrive in our interconnected world while upholding Catholic principles. Our integrated, hands-on curriculum based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) engages students of all academic levels. It promotes a deeper understanding of real-world concepts and helps students to become critical thinkers, thoughtful listeners, and effective speakers. In addition to the regular curriculum, middle-school students have electives in the areas of Visual Arts, Coding, Forensics, Extended Enrichment, and more! A student-centered environment dedicated to a deeper understanding of real-world concepts and their relationship to each other. It provides a collaborative meeting space with a multi-media area and includes flexible seating and 3D Printers.

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