SJ23’s Middle School curriculum is a blend of traditional textbook instruction, technology, and hands-on experiences. Language Arts, Writing, Math, Religion, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, Art, Music, Health, and Physical Education make up our basic curriculum.

Our 5th through 8th grade middle school curriculum offers more advanced academic challenges, more leadership and service opportunities, and more co-curricular opportunities. In middle school, math is ability-based. Pre-algebra and algebra are offered to students based on readiness. Middle school students also have required service hours and have the opportunity to participate in retreats, student council, band, choir, and fine arts electives.

All of our kindergarten through 8th grade students have the opportunity to explore, invent, and create in our STEAM lab and Greenhouse. Technology also supplements student learning. All of our prekindergarten (pre-K) through 8th grade classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards, which facilitate interactive learning. Middle school students supplement instruction with laptops and Chromebooks..

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Middle School Electives

Backyard Games

Basketball 101

Beads Galore: Students will have the option of creating a variety of art masterpieces using a variety of beads. Options include jewelry, sculptures, & hanging art.

Coding: Have you ever been interested in robotics? In this elective students will have the opportunity to learn about the science of coding and explore a variety of coding languages. During this elective students will have the opportunity to work with a variety of robots such as LegoWeDo, Edison Robots, and Sphero Robots!

Collage: Collage describes both the technique and the resulting work of art in which pieces of paper, photographs, fabric and other items are arranged and stuck down onto a supporting surface. Students will learn about the art of collage and create their own collage masterpieces.

Fantasy Football: In this elective students will learn how to analyze sports data to create their own fantasy football teams. Students will have time to research players and learn about important statistics in football. Throughout the trimester, students will come to class and tally points that have been accumulated by their fantasy teams as well as propose trades with fellow students. Students will also participate in discussion about how their fantasy teams are performing. By the end of the trimester, students will have a greater knowledge of sports related statistics.

Gardening 101: In this elective, students will learn the basics to gardening and plant care in the greenhouse! Students will also learn how to preserve and prepare food grown in the greenhouse.

Intro to Music Technology: Students will learn about some basic music technology software, including notation and composition software, digital recording and production software, cell phone/tablet app-based software, and more!


Microscope: A hands-on elective that teaches students how to use a microscope in lab-based lessons. Students will Investigate how much life is in a single drop of pond water. With new state of the art microscopes students will capture videos and photographs and document their findings.

Music Composition: Students will learn how to make a variety of compositions–both handwritten and with music composition software–and the basic aspects of music composition: melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. They will compose music in a variety of different genres, including classical, jazz, and more! (Taking “Intro to Music Technology” before taking this class is highly encouraged)

Music Theory/History: In the first half of the trimester, students will learn the basic tools of musicianship through the study of vocabulary, notation, rhythms, intervals, scales, and more. In the second half of the trimester, students will learn about six different musical eras: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century-Present. In addition to the musical events that occurred during these eras, students will also learn about many other important events and how their importance impacted music during those times.

Outdoor Activities: This elective will be centered around being active outside and enjoying the weather! Throughout the trimester, students will participate in an array of games and contests to develop skill sets and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Paint By Number: Students will participate in an historic pastime that isn’t just fun, but also rich with benefits! A few of these include increased hand-eye coordination, decreased stress, & the sharpening of artistic minds. Students will choose from a wide variety of PBN kits, paint in each numbered shape, and see their pictures emerge as beautiful finished paintings. All supplies are included.

Shark Tank: Anyone can be an inventor! During Shark Tank, students will get a chance to come up with an invention concept, make a prototype of the concept, and develop a sales pitch. At the end of the trimester students will be delivering that pitch to a special panel of Sharks to get feedback. We will utilize tools in STEAM Lab including 3D printing to develop our ideas.

Student Council: Student council members genuinely want a leadership role in our school and are committed to serving our school, parish, and local communities. These students are dynamic, responsible, enthusiastic, and committed to making a difference through service leadership.

Yearbook: Students tap into design and technology skills and help decide which pictures will highlight special, life-long memories of our school year.

Yoga: In this elective, students will stretch and strengthen their minds and bodies as we engage in breath work, mindfulness, and physical yoga movement.