We support students’ individual learning needs and help them reach their highest potential by providing one-on-one and small-group student enrichment. In grades 5-8, we have regularly scheduled FLEX time for intervention, project time, reteaching, acceleration, and enrichment and support. We nurture our students’ emotional and social growth by focusing on relationships, adolescent challenges, healthy minds and bodies, as well as other topics that promote positive outcomes.

Social Emotional Coach: The Social Emotional Coach helps students gain and effectively apply the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and understand their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy towards others, develop and maintain positive relationships with peers, and make responsible decisions. Along with being a support to students, the Social Emotional Coach collaborates with teachers and parents to meet the needs of our students and provide information and professional development in the areas of social emotional health.

The Learning Support Specialist: This position works closely with students experiencing challenges in reading and/or writing. Support is provided both inside and outside the general classroom to teach and implement strategies and provide remedial support to students on a personalized level. The Learning Support Specialist teacher provides remediation to students designated as having a learning disability or designated as transitional students. She works closely with teachers to provide resources and ideas as well as plan effectively for student support within the classroom.