As a parent, you may not realize all the financial pathways available to make a Catholic education affordable. To many people’s surprise, the majority of Catholic school families receive some kind of financial assistance or tuition discount. Our goal is to make Catholic education affordable and accessible to all through an individualized approach that works for you.

SJ23 offers families a number of ways to manage and reduce tuition expenses. Families can spread tuition payments over a 10- or 11-month period, and take advantage of the Wisconsin Private School Tuition Tax Credit. SJ23 also offers tuition assistance to families in need. If you have questions or would like to meet with our Principal to discuss further, please email Kristi Klein.

Welcome Scholarship

The Welcome Scholarship is a one-time, 15% discount (per child), given to any first-time families attending St. John XXIII Catholic School, or families returning to St. John XXIII Catholic School after a major absence (two or more years). The Welcome Scholarship is for students in K4 – 8th Grade. 

FACTS Tuition Payment Program

FACTS is a national tuition management service that allows families to pay tuition and apply for tuition assistance. Families have the option of a full payment, a two-month, 10-month, or an 11-month payment plan. All families, including those who are part of the Tuition Assistance Program, must use this tuition payment program. Log in or learn more about FACTS.

Wisconsin Private School Tuition Tax Credit

In 2013, the Wisconsin Legislature approved a state budget bill (2013 Wisconsin Act 20), which established a tax deduction credit for private school tuition. Parents with dependent children in a private school are now able to receive a tax deduction for tuition.

Tuition Assistance Program  |  Stern Scholarship

SJ23 offers tuition assistance to families who find meeting tuition expenses for their child or children a financial challenge. Families who apply for tuition assistance are able to negotiate tuition payments through this program. A dedicated fund has been established to assist families interested in giving their child or children the gift of Catholic education.

Additional Information for Parents

Ways to think about Tuition | K4-8 Tuition