Mission, Philosophy & Values

A Destination to Serve. Learn. Love. Lead.…as Disciples of Christ.

Serve: We instill a love of God by being Disciples of Christ and by embracing our Catholic Identity. We demonstrate human dignity by bringing the beatitudes to life through our service to those in need.

Learn: We believe in fostering a love of learning within a student centered environment. We believe in challenging our students to their highest potential, while embracing diverse learning styles, in a working partnership with parents, students, and teachers.

Love: We value education, worship, and service as a pathway to success for all. We value a genuine love for God, others, and self.

Lead: We challenge our SJ23 Community to be role models spiritually, intellectually, and socially in their lifelong journey, while serving the greater good. We challenge our students to be leaders in the global society, while serving the greater good.


Brand Mission

The cross is the principle symbol of of Christianity that represents salvation, sacrifice, and service. It also represents the binding and uniting force of our four merged entities – St. Mary’s, St. Peter’s, Immaculate Conception, and St. John XXIII Catholic School.

Each of these shapes represents each of our four entities. The different colors represent the unique identity and gifts that each one brings to our new, united parish. Together it communicates acceptance, strength, diversity, unity, and a vibrant and bright future.


Brand Colors

The reason for the color blue in the school logo is multi-faceted. Blue is a color often associated with tradition, education, authority, and has a spiritual component.

It has also been one of the school colors (which are red and blue) for over 25 years. These colors are in the school uniforms, athletic uniforms, etc., and are the colors most associated with the school. In an effort to try to bridge the Port Catholic into the St. John XXIII Catholic School identity, blue and red have remained part of the school logo. Interestingly, when the two colors are combined, they make purple, our parish color. Fitting, as our students are the foundation of the future of our parish.

Green: Hope, life, resurrection, bounty, reliable, and new beginnings

Gold: Light, glory, purity, splendor, nourishing, hospitable, and comfort

Red: The Blood of Christ, love, powerful, motivating, exciting

Blue: Heaven, strong, loyal, thought-provoking, reliable, authoritative