Adult Initiation (RCIA)

The decision to become fully initiated into the Catholic faith is not one to be made lightly—or apart from community. So the Church provides a process known as RCIA—the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, to help people to learn more about what we believe and practice as Catholics, to discern their call, and to become fully initiated if they so desire. To be fully initiated means to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation.

Non-baptized Adults

​The process for unbaptized adults includes several stages marked by study, prayer and rites at Mass. Individuals continue their process of conversion as they study the Gospel, explore the faith with others on the journey, profess faith in Jesus and the Catholic Church, and receive the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist at the Easter Vigil. Click here for details about the RCIA process.

Baptized in a Christian Denomination Other Than Roman Catholic

The process for adults who are baptized in a Christian denomination other than Roman Catholic is referred to as being received into full communion with the Catholic Church. These individuals make a profession of faith but they are not baptized again. To prepare for this reception these individuals participate in the RCIA formation process to help them understand and experience the specific teachings and practices of the Catholic Church. Click below for details about the RCIA formation process.

Baptized but Uncatechized

​The RCIA process is also appropriate for those who have been baptized Roman Catholic but received no further instruction in the faith. Often these individuals have not received their First Communion or been confirmed in the Roman Catholic faith. They, too, participate in the formation process described below so they are adequately prepared to receive the sacraments.

Adult Confirmation

Finally, those who have been baptized and continued learning about the faith but never completed their initiation by being confirmed are usually best accommodated by attending Adult Confirmation classes that take place in the late winter/spring of the year. Adults wishing to be confirmed into the Catholic faith are invited to join the Adult Confirmation sessions. For more information, contact Kelly Lemens, Pastoral Associate, at 262-284-4266 or email


Every person’s story and situation is different. Are you or someone you know interested in learning more? Contact Kelly Lemens, Pastoral Associate at 262-284-4266 ext. 1423 or email at to discuss which process is best for you.